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Trojan's New $6 Masturbator Gets the Job Done

Typically, I'm not one for one-time use male masturbators. I'd like to say it's because it's wasteful, and I'm morally opposed to products that needlessly harm the environment, but if I'm being honest, I genuinely don't give a rat's ass about all that. I just don't think they're cost-efficient.

If you love a sex toy, you'll absolutely want to use it more than once. Then, before you know it, you've spent $100 that month on throwaway one-time masturbators. And no matter how pleasurable that one-time masturbator is, a more costly reusable one that's bigger, vibrates, and heats is going to feel better. A proper $200 sex toy feels better than one that costs $3.99. Facts.

But I'm down to try anything once (and once is all I could try it), so I decided to give the new Trojan Tantrix Male Pleasure Sleeve a whirl. Obviously, Trojan is a big player in the condom market, but they also make a few inexpensive sex toys, including a vibrating cock ring and .

The Tantrix has a straightforward design. No bells or whistles, but that's exactly what I expected. After all, it only costs six bucks. It's a 6-inch by 4-inch silicone "sheet." You're supposed to put the textured side around your penis, which was a challenge. The texturing is so slight, I was repeatedly touching each side to figure out which one to place against my junk.

I have to admit, after opening the box, I liked the fact that the instructions took all of 10 seconds to read. You open the Tantrix from its plastic wrapping. You put water-based lube on it. You wrap it around your dick. You jack it. Just as God intended. Every high-tech sex toy these days comes with a 150-page manual, and I'm like, Jesus, dude, I'm just trying to masturbate, not repair my 1998 Volvo station wagon.

After quickly reading the instructions, I fired up my laptop, turned on porn (that I bought!), lathered myself and the Tantrix with water-based lube, and wrapped that bad boy around my penis. I will say it felt better than my hand. Points for Team Tantrix! I liked the soft silicone material; the only issue was that I struggled to get a solid grip on the toy. It kept moving in my hand. I potentially used too much lube, and that would be on me, but I'll never know since it's only for one-time use.

Eventually, I did find my grip, and everything worked out. As much I disparage one-time use masturbators, I have to say, it was really nice just being able to throw that thing out after one use. No clean-up. No storage. No leaving it out to air dry, only to have my roommate ask, "What the hell is this doing on our kitchen table?"

At the end of the day, why not get one? It's 6 bucks. TREAT YOURSELF.

Zachary ZaneZachary Zane is a Brooklyn-based writer, speaker, and activist whose work focuses on lifestyle, sexuality, culture, and entertainment.

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