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These Wide-Leg Jeans Are the Most Butt-Flattering Pants I’ve Ever Worn

Ask any of my colleagues, and they’ll tell you that I have a mild obsession with denim: I wear a pair of jeans to work at least four days out of the week, and usually a jean jacket on the fifth. And as someone who’s tested a number of high-waist and wide-leg jeans over the years, I thought I’d pretty much seen it all—until a pair of Frank And Oak’s Nina wide-leg jeans landed on my desk. As a curvy girl, finding the right fit in high-waist jeans can be a challenge. So many of the pairs I’ve tried have either fitted me in the hip but gaped at the waist, made me look entirely too boxy, or some weird combination of both. I’m happy to report that I can add this pair of jeans to my nice list.

Although the pants are made of nonstretch denim, they don’t feel rigid when I shimmy them on, and actually feel quite supportive. Lengthwise, they’re not too long or too short on my 5'8" frame, hitting just above the ankle so I don’t trip over the bottom. While the jeans are loose and flare through the leg, they’re also fitted in the hip and booty, which helps my shape really shine through. In fact, not to brag, but I've received so many compliments from good friends and colleagues on on how great my butt looks in them that I'm trying not to let it get to my head.

Saba Karamouz

Aside from their cool, ’70s-inspired design, another feel-good detail is the fact that they’re sustainably sourced from recycled fabrics. If you're unfamiliar with Frank And Oak’s “circular denim movement,” it's a process that takes discarded fabrics and respins them into new materials for its denim collection—cutting down on water, chemicals, and dye in the process. Now that I’ve officially added these jeans to my rotation of high-waist gems, I'm tempted to buy one in every color, and they’re available in six. Admittedly, they’re a little pricey at just around $100 per pair, but for all the mileage you'll get out of these jeans (and the potential ego boost that comes with wearing them), I’d say they’re well worth the investment.

Saba Karamouz

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Buy it: Frank And Oak The Nina Long Wide-Leg Jeans, $100, frankandoak.com


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