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The Best Stroking Sex Toys for Men

We rounded up the best fleshlight and other stroking sex toys because there are a lot of unfair social pressures we put on all genders when it comes to sexual pleasure. Sex toys have completely revolutionized the way many people with vulvas and clitorises experience pleasure, and vibrators and the like have increasingly become an normal staple in the bedroom.

But there's no reason to stop there, because there are tons of male-focused sex toys specifically designed to give people with penises a chance to explore down there. You slip it inside and move it up and down-it's like a high-tech handy.

You may be thinking that these toys are seedy or strange. You may remember cringing the first time you heard the term "Fleshlight." But, like all of the best sex toys for men, masturbation sleeves simply give guys a chance to experiment with their pleasure and to try new kinds of stimulation, and there's nothing wrong with that. Also: Using one of these things can help with partnered sex, since you're not getting into the habit of needing gorilla grip to climax.

While the Fleshlight is the most popular toy out there, there are plenty of other options available on the market-here's a rundown.

There are many newer models are on the market, but "Fleshlight" has become the usual way to refer to these toys for a reason. The company's original model features a super soft skin-like feel, along with human-like textures within. It's the closest thing to a the real deal when you're practicing solo.

The Most Luxurious Stroker

More fun with solo sex? There's an app for that. Lelo's new F1S V2 is the Maybach of masturbation toys: it's incredibly powerful, extra soft and stretchy on the inside, and has ten sensors allowing for feedback, and the the

whole experience is totally customizable through the Lelo app on your phone.

The Best Single-Use Stroker

Not ready to commit to a masturbator? An inexpensive one-use sleeve is designed to give you a chance to see if you're into it or not. The Pocket Pool Sure Shot is a simple one-timer: It's super discreet (the packaging basically makes it impossible to know exactly what it is), and the sleeve comes pre-lubricated for ease of entry with an eye roll-inducing vacuum effect.

The Best-Looking Stroking Toy

Tenga's Crysta is super-smooth reusable masturbation sleeve that looks like an alien artifact. It uses floating textures for pleasure and unique sensation on impact. One you've done your thing, the Crysta is easy to clean and comes with a stand to aid in fully air drying between uses.

Best Multipurpose Sleeve

This toy adds vibration to a standard masturbation sleeve. (Talk about a, uh, jack of all trades.) This toy is designed with a textured interior with nine vibration patterns-you can even remove the bullet vibrator if you want to use it on you partner or use your sleeve in analog mode like some kind of caveman.

The Best Budget Masturbation Sleeve

This affordable pleasure egg will comfortably slide over to fit snuggly (but not too tightly) and massively enhance your solo pleasure. It's much like a second skin, only much more slippery.

The Best Motorized Stoking Toy

The rotating power of the Pipedream Rotor-Bater Pussy is next-level-the toy literally does all the "work" for you. No more pumping, stroking, or squeezing your sleeve with this toy. All you do is lube up, pop it on, push a button, and and enjoy some mind-blowing stimulation.

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