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The 14 Best Face Washes for Every Skin Type

Finally finding that one face wash that works with your skin is like hitting the skin-care jackpot. But the best face wash for you may not be obvious—and the world of cleansers is large and varied.

In general, the best face wash for you depends on your skin type and concerns, SELF explained previously. If you have dry or sensitive skin, for instance, you’ll want to look for face washes that contain fewer ingredients and have a creamier, more moisturizing texture. But if your skin is oily or acne-prone, you might want one with exfoliating ingredients to keep pimples at bay. And if

you have combination skin, you’ll need a face wash that can do everything—without aggravating your dryness or oiliness.

That’s why finding the right face wash can very quickly become an overwhelming endeavor. To help guide you, we’ve compiled the recommendations that dermatologists have given us for finding the best face wash, below. Hopefully, your perfect match is somewhere on this list.

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