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Rapist loses appeal over 12-hour ordeal

A man who subjected a woman to a horrific 12-hour ordeal of rape, torture, humiliation and degradation has failed to win a cut in his 22-year jail term.Rapist loses appeal over 12-hour ordeal

An audio recording recovered from the victim's phone demonstrated "an attitude of power, dominance, belittlement and callousness" then held by Adam Hall towards her, the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal said on Friday.

Hall, aged 49 at the time of the 2019 attack, pleaded guilty to nine offences involving aggravated detain with intent to obtain advantage, aggravated sexual intercourse without consent and sexual intercourse without consent.

He also asked Judge Tanya Bright to take into account a further seven offences of sexual intercourse without consent.

In Gosford District Court in 2020, she jailed him for 22 years with a non-parole period of 16 years and six months.

Justices Mark Leeming, Robert Allan Hulme and Stephen Campbell, on Friday dismissed Hall's appeal.

"The sentence imposed upon the applicant was certainly a stern one, but the offending viewed overall was extremely grave," said Justice Hulme.

"The offending had at its core the intentional infliction of fear, pain, physical injury and sexual violence designed to frighten, harm, degrade and humiliate the victim and to exercise control and domination over her".

The sentence was neither unreasonable nor plainly unjust, he concluded.

The phone audio recorded the beginning of the attack, after Hall tied her hands with rope, verbally abused her, and punched and slapped her face multiple times.Rapist loses appeal over 12-hour ordeal

His tirade include repeatedly swearing at her, calling her a maggot and a dog, threatening to cut her throat and when she screamed, telling her to "settle down or I kill you now and just f***ing rape your corpse".

He pushed her down the stairs, cut her thigh with a knife, raped her repeatedly, and threatened to either rip out all her teeth with some pliers or break her toes with a hammer.

When he went out to buy cigarettes, he hogtied her, put a ball of material inside her mouth, put her in the car behind the rear seats and covered the naked woman with a blanket.

On their return, he carried out further sex attacks before falling asleep when she managed to flee to a nearby house telling the occupants "I've been raped and beaten for 12 hours".

She had bruised eyes, a deep gash in her upper thigh, and dried blood on her face and feet.

"Her eyes were almost completely closed due to serious swelling.

"She was shaking and crying."

Hall later made a triple-zero call from a public payphone, saying he was "handing myself in for a crime", having assaulted a woman "rather viciously" the night before.

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