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MMA fighter shoves sex toy in opponent's face at weigh-in

There's unsportsmanlike behavior and then there's a female fighter shoving a big black dildo in her opponent's face during a Polish mixed martial arts weigh-in. What have we become as a society? What happened to staring down your opponent without the help of a monster phallic toy?


Boxer Ewa Brodnicka, making her MMA debut, strode across the stage and shoved the BBSC (BBsiliconeC) into Aniela Bogusz's face in one of the most disrespectful moments in mixed martial arts history. As you can see in the video, Bogusz didn't appreciate being the victim of such unsportsmanlike behavior and launched the BBSC back at Brodnicka.


hell nah, QUEEEEEEEN!

Saturday night, the two got it on inside the octagon with Bogusz winning in the third round by TKO, but it's the weigh-in that will be remembered here. This is red meat to an Internet community that doesn't see many moments of BBSC. It's a new frontier. Where do weigh-ins even go now that someone has shoved a BBSC into an opponent's face?

And to think people were so outraged all those years ago when Randy Moss fake mooned Packers fans. That was during the 2004 playoffs. That's nothing compared to this dildo incident.

As for how Bogusz celebrated her victory, she planted a big kiss on a massive gold trophy as her record runs to 3-0.

"I did not give up the duel because I did not want to disappoint the fans and the organizers, despite the fact that the last 3 weeks of preparations are fighting pain and crossing my own limits during the rehabilitation of a broken leg," Brodnicka said about her loss, adding, "This is no excuse and I congratulate my opponent on winning."