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How We Picked the 2019 SELF Healthy Beauty Award Winners

Every year, the SELF Healthy Beauty Awards recognizes the best new products on the market that will help you tend to your skin and hair, based on your personal needs. Those needs can range from nurturing your combination skin or fine, natural hair; to managing health conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis; to covering up (or at least feeling more comfortable with) scars or bald patches from body-focused repetitive behaviors. Among others! Whatever your concern, we're here for you.

We sorted our winners into categories based on skin type or condition, because that's how you'll most quickly find the products made especially for you: dry skin, oily and acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, scars and discoloration, and the like. And we limited our winners to products that have a direct impact on these issues or conditions, focusing primarily (though not exclusively) on skin-care products, hair-care products targeting different hair and scalp types, and cosmetics that impact the skin, brows, and lashes.

We spent over six months selecting this year's winners. The process involved a panel of dermatologist experts providing direction on ingredients, 83 inpidual testers with a wide range of skin conditions, skin types, and hair types, and over 1,250 products in consideration. In the end we chose 127 deserving winners that we know you'll love as much as we did.

For more on the brand's philosophy behind the Healthy Beauty Awards, be sure to read this essay from our editor in chief about what "healthy beauty" means to her. And read on to find out more about how we picked this year’s winners, the guidelines we used, and the dermatologists who helped us along the way.

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To begin, we consulted several board-certified dermatologists and one ophthalmologist for guidance on ingredients. We gave them a list of the varying product types we expected to test, and asked them to name the ingredients or marketing terms that someone with specific conditions, concerns, or goals would want to look for or avoid in each of those products, focusing on efficacy and comfort.

Next, we assembled a small army of testers (83, to be exact). We specifically reached out to inpiduals with a wide array of conditions and skin concerns—rosacea, cystic acne, dandruff, eczema, etc.—plus other, more cosmetic goals. (Yes, we recognize wrinkles and dark under-eye circles are not skin conditions, but they’re still a concern for many, and we’re here to help.) Our testers wrote reviews of every product and ranked their picks on a scale of zero (the worst) to five (the best).