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8 Couples' Vibrators That Will Make Your Sex Life Hornier Than Ever

It's no secret that vibrators-and yes, I mean all different types of vibrators-make sex better. The battery life. The clitoral stimulation. The bendy arms that hit all the right spots. They make orgasming that much easier.

And while you probably already use a rumbly toy for masturbation, let me just say that vibrators are the perfect addition to partnered sex as well.

Now considering there's a whole lot of different types of vibrators-ranging from suction toys to bullets to wands, you might be at a loss for which ones are best to bring into the bedroom. Luckily, pretty anything you use solo will be a welcome addition to your usual sex routine.

If you need some ideas: You can use an internal vibrator while receiving oral sex, you can use a clitoral vibrator while getting penetrated, and you can use a vibrating cock ring when you're riding in cowgirl. Honestly, just get yourself a vibrator for the best partnered sex of your life.

So for your pleasure, here are the best couples' vibrators on the market right now. Enjoy!

1. We-Vibe Chorus Couple's Vibrator

One quick search for couples' vibrators and you'll come across this We-Vibe classic. This is the go-to for anyone looking to elevate partner sex thanks to the clip-like design that hugs the front wall of the vagina for both internal and external stimulation. Use it during penetration, while dry humping, or even while watching sexy TV shows. Oh, and the toy is app-enabled, which means you (or your partner) can control it from anywhere. Meaning hi, LDR sex just got even hotter.

2. Kyro Wand Massager

If you haven't yet experienced the sheer joy of a wand massager, I hate to inform you that you haven't been living your best life. It's okay! That's why the Kyro exists. This USB rechargeable wand is great on its own (and actually makes for a fab non-sexual massage, btw), but it also features removable two silicone attachments that give you limitless pleasure options. Play around with the five different modes and six different speeds on various erogenous zones to change up your usual routine.

3. The Clandestine Mimic+

The stingray shape of the Clandestine Mimic+ might have you confused, but the unique d

esign is what really makes it stand out from some of the other partner vibes out there. While some people like using an internal toy during penetrative sex, others find it to be too much, which is when the Mimic+ comes in. It's slim, waterproof, and can easily fit between partners during missionary. The deep, rumbly power is well worth the splurge.

4. Happy Rabbit Cock Ring

You might not have instantly thought of a cock ring when thinking about couples' sex toy options, but honestly, they're one of the best. The ring squeezes the penis (in like, a good way), which not only helps schlong-havers last longer but and increases sensations as well. Add in the bunny-shaped external vibrator, which stimulates the external portion of the clitoris with 12 different modes, and the dual rings-one for the shaft and one for the testicles-and you have yourself a must-needed sexcessory.

5. Lelo IDA

If the idea of an internal vibe seems alluring, but you want something with a little more oomph and luxury, Lelo's Ida is an easy choice. While Lelo's toys are usually more expensive, the Ida is actually cheaper than the We-Vibe Chorus and it offers a little more vibration surface area if you're really after those external rumbles. Hand the remote over to your partner or select your favorite setting to elevate penetration, oral, or just wearing the vibrator while out to dinner.

6. Golden Moments Limited Edition Gift Set

If you're torn between an internal vibe and a clitoral one, you can and should get both. The Golden Moments Gift Set comes with two best-selling vibes for way cheaper than you would get them if you purchased each individually. First, there's the We-Vibe Chorus, (which yes, is number one on this list if you just want that one), but also the beloved Womanizer Premium Clitoral Stimulator. Both toys make everything from penetrative sex to lazy sex to pool sex better.

7. Moxie by We-Vibe

All panty vibes are fun, but what makes the Moxie a must-buy is that it has a magnetic attachment that lets you use it with any pair of panties for max versatility. The vibrations are surprisingly strong and varied (it has ten modes), and you can control it with either the remote locally or from anywhere in the world with the WeVibe app.

8. Adam & Eve The Complete Lovers Kit

Ya'll, this kit honestly has it all. Not only are there tons of different vibrators-including a rabbit vibe and an internal vibe-but it also comes with a variety of cock rings, a butt plug, and Ben Wa balls all for under $100.

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