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6 Sex Positions To Try & Induce Labor

Spicy food. Walking laps. Making a little lovin'. As you near your due date (or watch it pass by), it's natural to wonder if there's anything you can do to get your new baby here already. You may want to know some sex positions for inducing labor, since getting frisky sounds like an easy (and maybe more enjoyable than eating a jar of jalapeños) way to kickstart your baby's birth. But does it even work?6 Sex Positions To Try & Induce Labor

Before delving into how intercourse may induce labor, experts want women to know that is has not been medically proven that sex or certain positions actually work to make your baby come out. "It's not necessarily true that it will induce labor, however, human sperm contains a high amount of prostaglandins, which is a substance that helps to ripen the cervix and helps labor to start," says Jessica Shepherd M.D., OB-GYN and partner with Happy V, in an interview with Romper.

Leah Millheiser, M.D., director of the Female Sexual Medicine Program at Stanford Health Care, agrees, and tells Romper that this old wives' tale may hold some truth, but there's not much data to prove it. "It's not something proven or guaranteed, but there are some people who swear by it," she says. "When you orgasm, you release oxytocin, which is the same thing as pitocin. Sex doesn't put you into labor, but if you are about to go into or are in early labor, could it give it a little kickstart? Maybe. We also don't know how often in those early stages of labor you'd need to orgasm."

Millheiser adds that there are no specific positions that are more effective at getting your labor started than others, so if you're feeling like a romp in the bedroom, just stick to what feels comfortable. "Unless there's some complication that precludes you from having intercourse, just focus on positions where you're comfortable and not flat on your back," she recommends.6 Sex Positions To Try & Induce Labor

Here are six sex positions that tend to work well for expectant parents.

This one is done where both partners are laying down, and the woman is penetrated from the side. Women's Health noted that it's good for the woman to be lying on her side, so as to take the pressure off of her back and uteru s. It also doesn't allow for super deep penetration, which can get uncomfortable for some women as their pregnancy progresses.