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6 Real Classes You Can Take to Get Better at Sex

You wouldn't know how to calculate the tip on a dinner bill without the math classes you took in school. And you learned how to parallel park by practicing during driver’s ed. So why would becoming a skilled lover require any less effort?

Contrary to the widespread perception that people should simply “know” how to have great sex, the truth is that not all sex is intuitive. There are a myriad of cultural, societal, and religious reasons why each of us may be unknowing about certain items on the sexual buffet. Fortunately, plenty of sex classes are available IRL and online to brush up skills on the real sex that people have—and the adventurous sex they want to try.

So, just like a cooking class to improve your kitchen skills, you can take a sex class to tighten up your oral sex skills. (Think of the homework!) Here are some of the best resources for classes to learn more about sex.

1. The Pleasure Chest

The Pleasure Chest is a feminist sex-toy store with a well-trained staff ready to answer any and all questions. It is a shame-free environment where you can learn about everything from flogging to anatomy lessons to how to safely give yourself an enema.

The store has hosted sex education bigwigs like Carol Queen, Tina Horn, and Midori. At Horn’s popular class "Getting Clean to Get Dirty: Anal Pleasure and Hygiene," for example, you’ll learn everything from the best lubes to buy to every kind of butt plug you could ever possibly want to use during butt stuff. There are no limits to what you can learn and instructors do not hold back. Rather than being intimidating, their classes are totally engaging.

Most of the workshops and classes are free, and for ticketed even

ts, reservations can be made online. The Pleasure Chest has locations in Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles. If you live near one of these, you should absolutely take advantage.2. O.School

Not everyone lives where sex classes take place IRL, and that is what makes O.School so special. It is a live-streaming platform for sex educators, coaches, and doctors that anyone with an Internet connection can watch. It’s a pretty great resource to learn from some of the coolest educators in the business.

There is a wide range of experts on O.School, and you can learn about topics including sex-toy cleaning, pelvic-floor health, sex with disabilities, and pegging. These workshops are totally free and viewers can ask questions live and create an open dialogue between educator and student.

As a sex educator, I stream with O.School pretty regularly, and I have found it amazing to interact with curious inpiduals. (Instructors are paid a premium per stream and participants have an option to tip.) In my class "Discovering Your G-Spot Pleasure," you’ll learn whether or not the G-spot exists (spoiler alert: it does), how to find it, and which toys are the best for exploring this kind of pleasure.

Check the schedule for upcoming streams and pop in with questions! You can’t watch all the older streams—only 15 are posted—so check the streaming schedule and mark your calendar for classes that look interesting.

3. Babeland

Babeland is a fantastic resource for learning about sex. Their classes, located in New York City and Seattle, tend to focus more on the basics of sexual exploration, like oral sex, bondage, and role play. Classes usually happen on Thursdays and Fridays and are always free.