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5 Most Realistic Vaginas, Pussies 2021: Male Masturbators - Best Sellers

Do you want to know all about the best sex toys and pocket pussies? In this article, we will tell you a lot of interesting things about ways to choose the most suitable artificial vagina for masturbation. In our rounds of the best realistic vaginas, we consider everything from size to mechanical vibration.

The combination of the tightest pussy and mini vibrators gives you more pleasure. Today, under our careful guidance, you can find your best pocket masturbator.

To compile the rating, we took the reviews for the most popular vagina vibrators as a basis. We also investigated the demand for new and updated realistic pussies for masturbation. You will understand what you should be prepared for when buying, as well as where to start your pussy research.

Positions in our rating are almost equally beautiful These specimens will be the best masturbators for you if emotions are important to you Artificial vaginas has not only a ribbed inner canal but also soft external elements

1. Autoblow A.I.

Automatic blowjobs can rightfully be considered one of the best inventions of mankind. This sex toy will never tire of caressing you.

To create realistic movements in the mechanism, the developers even used artificial intelligence. It's not the most perfect hit, but the manufacturer was very close! And some users say that the feeling is even better than with a real partner! The fact is that the mechanism perfectly maintains the rhythm and does it for as long as you need it.

  • You no longer need to actively work with your hands. It is enough to put your friend inside the pussy, select the masturbation mode and press the start button.
  • The special vibrators shape allows you not to hold this type of pussy in your hand. You can fix the realistic vagina with a pillow or with your feet and completely surrender to the masturbation process.
  • Delicate silicone vagina sleeves in three sizes allow every man to assemble the most perfect blowjob machine.
  • The quiet vibrators mechanism will not provoke the curiosity of your neighbors. At the same time, a powerful engine will create such active stimulation that you are guaranteed luxurious orgasms.

Feedback from a satisfied user

I am lazy in terms of getting pleasure, so I have been looking for a sex toy for a long time that will free my hands during masturbation. Of course, it doesn't look like a real blowjob, but it's worth a try. I also advise all beginners not to be afraid of the pussy cord. It is long and does not cause any inconvenience.

Apart from the three sizes of pussy sleeves, the manufacturers have made another nice addition. Now you can choose the toys shape of the hole: pussy, butt, or mouth. Most customers immediately order all three options and make reviews. After all, you and I know very well that there is nothing worse than monotony in sex.

Improvements have also been made to vibrators movement and speed options. You can smoothly adjust not only the speed but also the depth of the forward toys movements. The vibrators noise level in the updated pussy model has decreased by more than 2 times. Now in the next room, no one will hear you, even if they try very hard.

The vibrators have become a little larger. But toys weight has hardly changed. Some users noted that thanks to this upgrade, sex toys have only become more sustainable. Now you do not need to think about how it does not fall or tilt at the hottest moment. Nothing will distract you from super orgasms.

2. STOYA by Fleshlight

This sex toys have become a market classic several years ago. The unsurpassed pussy texture sparked a boom among customers.

The experience of the famous porn actress and the quality of the premium brand materials have produced an amazing result.

The inner sleeve design will make you remember all your hot fantasies.

  • The sleeve length allows the sex toys to be used by men with dicks of all sizes.
  • The tight and super ribbed canal is great for stimulating and quickening to the finish line.
  • The inner sleeve design is designed in such a way that you will enjoy it, even if you do not reach the end of the tunnel.
  • The outer labia looks so realistic that it creates additional psychological stimulation, increasing arousal.

  • You will have to wash and dry your sleeve very thoroughly.
  • It is recommended to use a pocket pussy only with a branded case.

Feedback from a satisfied user

I am very happy with the toys interior texture. She's perfect. I feel the toys channel even better than my real girlfriend. But the problem is that you have to move your hand very actively. To resolve this issue, you have to think about additional gadgets or vibrators.

We would also like to remind you that all sleeves of this brand are interchangeable. We're not talking about mini versions right now, just a series developed by hot movie girls. If you are an avid fan of Fleshlight textures, you only need to buy one case and choose a pocket pussy for your mood.

The discrete toys design is very similar to a conventional hand torch. Only experimenters like you will know your secret. But they certainly won't judge you for your love of pleasure. And more humble neighbors will think you love flashlights. In addition to being compact, the body is also very lightweight. You can easily take your favorite sex toy on a trip.

Keep in mind that the design was completely developed by a wise professional porn actress. The brand offers its customers a series of hot films. It's like you'll get to know your favorite actress in reality. And she will not like all this completely without risk. Fleshlight sex toys are very loyal.

3. THRUST Pro Elite Alana

Do you love the back position? Then this sex toy has every chance of becoming the best one for you.

Two entrances are also a great opportunity to diversify your sex games.

You don't even have to persuade your friend to experiment, because you already have everything you need at hand.

  • The sex toy can be easily fixed and moved the way you move in the process of real sex. You no longer need to actively load your hand.
  • Two holes with different external and internal designs will not let you get bored. You can add bullet vibrators to any hole.
  • The soft and delicate material stretches beautifully, but at the same time creates pleasant pressure on your penis.
  • The super realistic design and color of the sex toy will add thrilling emotions to you.
  • Two deep holes allow guys with any parameters to use a sex toy.

  • You will have to sweat while cleaning this sex toy.
  • The material dries after washing for more than a few hours.
  • To facilitate penetration, be sure to use a water-based lubricant.

Feedback from a satisfied user

All the incon

venience in terms of cleaning and drying simply pales in comparison to the pleasure that I experienced. I am demanding both internal and external design. I tried to add some small vibrators. It was a fantastic experience.

4. THRUST Pro Elite Layla

This sex toy will be the perfect masturbator for lovers of the classic missionary position. Do you think you have seen everything? We are sure that we can still surprise you!

The two narrow and tight ducts have different internal designs. You can add bullet vibrators to make your feelings exciting!

  • Soft and delicate material very faithfully imitates human skin.
  • Realistic body curves create additional external stimulation for you.
  • The length and diameter of the channels are suitable for 98% of guys.

  • The outer part of the sex toy is smaller than a real partner might look like. Therefore, the realism of perception suffers a little.
  • You will have to scrub the lubricant out of each hole for a long time after use.
  • Some find the stimulation too harsh, but this only applies to sensitive men.
  • To maintain the high quality of the material, you only need to use a water-based lubricant.

Feedback from a satisfied user

This is already the second sex toy of this type in my extensive collection. I love that the manufacturers have done little more than just a hole in the container. The psychological aspect is as important for most men as it is for women. It is also the best option for the price if you do not want to buy a whole sex doll.

5. THRUST Pro Elite Alicia

You will find maximum realism in this sex toy. In addition to the fact that the external design even includes appetizing soft breasts with rather realistic nipples, you get access to two holes at once.

Moreover, each internal channel has a structure very similar to the real one.

  • The very smooth and delicate material inside and out will help you get a very bright discharge quickly.
  • Tight-ribbed fake pussies can be used as an endurance trainer if you have trouble ejaculating very quickly.

  • Some users who are used to super ribbed canals lack stimulation.
  • The price of this toy is not too loyal.
  • As in the two previous cases, you will have to wash each hole very thoroughly after the pleasure session.
  • The sex toy dries for at least several hours after washing.
  • To maintain the softness and elasticity of the material, you will have to buy a very high-quality water-based lubricant, as well as periodically use a special powder.

Feedback from a satisfied user

I have never regretted that I bought this sex toy. Of course, it wasn't very cheap. Moreover, you will need to find a secluded place to store it. The sex doll should not be constantly exposed to sunlight or heat from batteries. It also clearly does not fit on the bedside table. But the emotional state that I received perfectly compensates for all these minor inconveniences.

What are the criteria for finding the best artificial vagina for masturbation?

Of course, we will not remind you that the best pocket pussy should be sought solely for personal preference. Someone else's experience can be very useful, but not as much as your own. Ultimately, a pocket masturbator is almost as much a personal choice as a partner. What others like may not work for you, and vice versa. But still, we will take the liberty of giving some recommendations on the selection of the best realistic pussies.

Let's start with the basics. Any sex toy must be safe for your health. This means that the materials of manufacture must be certified. In the age of frequent allergies, the manufacturer must pay increased attention to this.

The next thing to look out for is the perfect smoothness of the inner and outer surfaces of the masturbator. It does not mean that you should give up the luxurious intricate interior texture. The fake pussy can perfectly mimic the human skin folds of a real vagina. But there should be no sharp or prickly elements on the surface of the material.

If the sex toy has a built-in rechargeable battery or batteries, these elements must be carefully insulated. For a sex toy to be cleaned properly, the case must be waterproof or at least splash-proof. This will help to completely rinse off any residual grease and other liquids so that bacteria do not grow on the surface of the material.

The material of manufacture must be dense and durable to withstand regular use for more than a year. Verified brands give a guarantee for their sex toys for over ten years. Moreover, this guarantee applies not only to silicone but also to vibration mechanisms.

The moving parts of the masturbator should also be perfectly insulated from your body. This mandatory rule applies to both internal and external parts of the toy. After all, you trust this fake pussy for the most precious thing you have!

A little piece of advice

Never share your sex toys, even with a regular sexual partner. If you want to, then be sure to use a condom on top. The fact is that no matter how thoroughly you disinfect the material, it is impossible to remove part of your microflora. Even boiling does not allow you to achieve complete sterility. Therefore, you should not put yourself in danger.

Based on the same rule, never try other person masturbators. You can buy sex toys only in specialized stores in sealed branded packaging. Serious manufacturers value their reputation very much. Therefore, you can be sure of the original sterility of your new pocket pussy.

Sex Toy Care Tips

In many reviews, users have complained about how difficult it is to clean the remaining lubricant and sperm from the ribbed realistic pussy. It is true. But you should do it after each masturbation session. Otherwise, you risk getting an unpleasant infection and getting to the doctor. Long-term cleaning is the price to pay for realistic sensations. By the way, there are options with the smooth sleeve inside. For example, our first instance in the rating. There will not be any problems with cleaning. And the best friction and pressure are achieved by selecting the correct size of the hose.

Drying pocket pussies is also a dubious pleasure. Many users write in reviews that it takes at least a few hours. In some cases, when the canals are especially deep, it will take a whole day to completely dry. But it is also a necessary part of caring for a sex toy to extend its shelf life. You can, of course, dry the pussy on the battery or turn it out for better airflow. But this can damage the delicate material. Also, the surface will lose its elasticity and realistic touch faster.

Some models of sex toys have built-in vibrators. For example, our first copy runs on a standard electrical network. Such a device is safe but requires a careful operation.

Do not worry, because the design they protected from power surges and other annoyances. But you need to use and store the toy carefully.

As you can see, as in any other field, how many people, so many opinions. But if you have a strong interest in sex toys, you should try and start with something.

As you gradually expand your collection, you will get to know your sexuality better. And you will also be able to fully open up for your partner.

And the most important piece of advice - do not be disappointed if on the first try something went wrong as you expected. Give your new toy a second and even third chance to become your best friend.