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25 Best Lingerie Brands for Every Mood & Occasion | Well+Good

Once upon a time, a little known brand known for its push-up bras and pink-striped walls ruled the lingerie world. It wasn't inclusive, it wasn't diverse, but it was all we had. Lingerie brands have come a long, long way. While that specific brand (you know the one) has made some strides, it's been toppled as the ruler of lingerie land. Now, a slew of lingerie brands have come forth, giving us more inclusive, more diverse, and more comfortable lingerie to shop. Because, no-not everyone has a beige skin tone, nor does everyone wants to wear a spaghetti noodle for a thong or fit into a 34B cup.

We've scoured the internet and tested a ton of bras, undies, bustiers-you name it. The verdict is in: lingerie is better-waaay better-and more body-positive than before. There really is a style, color, and size for every person and occasion. Below, the 25 best lingerie brands to shop right now.

The best, most comfortable lingerie brands


The DTC brand has made waves for good reason. Using measurements from millions of real, authentic people, ThirdLove creates inclusive bras and bralettes in more than 80 sizes, including half-cups. Say goodbye to spilling, rubbing, and adjusting-with ThirdLove, you can find your true, perfect fit at an affordable price.

Our pick:


Fan of the simple, "I'm wearing underwear so minimalist it makes it even more sexy," look? Get Cuup. Its lingerie is about as minimalist as you can get for silhouettes that are equally stunning and supportive in A-H sizes. Even fabrics you think wouldn't support you-like sheer mesh and soft modal-get the job done andfeel amazing.

Our pick:


As its tagline suggests, Negative makes underwear you want to live in. Really. The brand prioritizes comfort and function in its products, using only the essentials to create dreamy bras, undies, and pajamas. There's no lace, no padding, no wiring-negative frills for a positive fit and feel.

Our pick:

Harper Wilde

Harper Wilde is another go-to for great lingerie at an even greater price. From delicate bras to cozy sleep shorts, the brand has seriously comfy products with a great mission-it donates 1 percent of proceeds to Girls, Inc., a mentorship program for girls ages 6-18 that's dedicated to lifting up our future ladies, if you will.

Our pick:

Nubian Skin

Nubian Skin is a London-based lingerie and hosiery brand that goes beyond beige with an inclusive product line designed specifically for women of color. This isn't your grandmother's nude undergarments-Nubian Skin's products are gorgeouslydesigned, giving to meaning to the word "second skin."

Our pick:

Best cute and playful lingerie brands


For affordable, fun undies and bralettes, look no further than Parade. Panties start at just $8 and feature all the good stuff-seamless, stretchy materials, inclusive sizes, and a sustainable ethos. The best part? Everything comes in a rainbow of hues, ranging from earthy, everyday neutrals, to hot, dayglo neons.

Our pick:

Savage X Fenty

Rihanna's very own lingerie line celebrates, "fearlessness, confidence, and inclusivity," according to the website. From classic essentials to the most drool-worthy, sexiest pieces you can imagine, Savage x Fenty really does have something for everybody.

Our pick:


The latest and greatest in sex toys isn't the only thing you can buy at LoveHoney. It's also a one-stop shop for all your lingerie needs. Whether you're in the market for a dainty bra & panty set, or are looking for something a little more ~special~, LoveHoney probably has it.

Our pick:

Only Hearts

Founded in 1978, Only Hearts is a NYC-based lingerie brand that designs the cutest lingerie for every occasion. Lace, embroidery, vibrant colors, fun patterns-if you can dream it, Only Hearts probably has it. All it's products are designed using local, deadstock,

organic, recycled, and certified made in green textiles, too. Our pick:

For Love & Lemons

For Love & Lemon's intimates and apparel are always sweet, never sour. Made in LA, its designs combine luxury with playfulness as you can get. Think: feminine ruffles, vibrant colors, and stunning silhouettes.

Our pick:

Best affordable lingerie brands


Get full sets starting at just $25 on AdoreMe. Or, get hand-picked bras and sets sent straight to your door when you subscribe to the Elite Box, giving you the freedom to pick and choose the styles you want all from the comfort of your own home.

Our pick:


American Eagle's women's brand Aerie has expanded way past lingerie and now makes everything from sundresses to sleepwear. But the company's diverse bras and panties still stand out, especially when you can get them at an super affordable price-scour the site for sales which happen weekly and snag new items at a fraction of the normal price.

Our pick:


Instead of lingerie, women-founded Lively makes "leisuree," with a focus on inclusivity and sustainability. Sleek, sexy bras start at just $30, and offer high-quality support at a price that won't break the bank.

Our pick:


By now, you've certainly crossed paths with Intimissi on Instagram. The brand is makes beautiful, IG-worthy intimates, clothing, and sleepwear that are a little more expensive than Aerie and Adoreme, but still affordable.

Our pick:


Add lingerie to the list of everything Asos does well. The site has everything:bedroom-worthy bustiers, seamless shapewear, your basic cotton-undie and bralette combos. With a variety brands to choose from, your sure to find lingerie that suits you, and your wallet.

Our pick:

Best luxury lingerie brands


Get luxury-quality pieces without the designer prices at Giapenta. From its bras to bodysuits, Giapenta makes high-quality pieces that look amazing, feel amazing, and actually last.

Our pick:


For buttery silks, feathery lace, and dreamy details, check out Journelle. The luxury lingerie brand is based in New York City and sells elegant pieces in an of sizes, colors, and styles.

Our pick:

Fleur du Mal

If anyone knows luxury lingerie, it's Fleur du Mal. Everything from its line of gorgeously detailed bras to its swoon-worthy silk slips to its elegant swimwear-the brand screams "high fashion." Just note, the prices do too... however, lingerie this gorgeous deserves a splurge.

Our pick:

Thistle & Spire

Thistle & Spire is all about pushing the limits. It trades in traditional luxury designs and gives them a much-needed refresh for looks that look so good, they don't deserve to be hidden under clothes. The Brooklyn-based brand is sustainable, inclusive, and cutting-edge-everything you could want in a lingerie brand.

Our pick:


Cosabella makes luxury bras, panties, teddies, and more. Hand-crafted in Italy, the brand is known for its artisan designs, quality materials, and excellent fit.

Our pick:

Most innovative lingerie brands


Anaono's mission is to "find innovative, soft post-surgery bras made just for those affected by breast cancer, breast surgeries or discomfort." The brand recognizes that breasts change post-surgery, and comfort should always be a top priority. For bras made for mastectomies to lumpectomies to implants-Anaono has a beautiful bra for it all.

Our pick:


What started out as hosiery has expanded into a line of stunning lingerie that prioritizes comfort. It makes everything with sustainability in mind, creating products designed from recycled, ethically-sourced fabrics packed in recyclable packaging.

Our pick:

Belly Bandit

For the best maternity and post-pregnancy support, look no further than Belly Bandit. It does bras great, but it also makes a line of amazing leggings, belly wraps, and other accessories that aim for comfort.

Our pick:


Those with large breasts know that finding something sexy and supportive (and comfortable) is a challenge. That's why MINDD created a line of lightweight, supportive bralettes with larger breasted women in mind. The result? Chic, snug bralettes that do not disappoint.

Our pick:


On the other hand, those with smaller boobs know the struggle of finding bras that don't gap or move around. That's where Pepper comes into play-the brand designs cute bras for AA, A, and B-sized cups that actually fit.

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