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11 Refreshing Dry Shampoos Hairstylists Swear By

With what seems like endless work responsibilities and ongoing life events, it can sometimes be difficult to carve out even a tiny bit of time for self-care—even if it’s as simple as washing your hair. Anyone who’s constantly on the go—or looking to preserve the length of their blowout—can appreciate the scalp refreshing power of a great dry shampoo. According to experts, dry shampoos not only are ideal for absorbing excess scalp oil (and keeping your hair looking its freshest in between shampoos), but can also add zhuzh and textu

re to fine or thinning hair.

To get a read on which dry shampoos are truly worth buying, we asked a few professional hairstylists about some of their favorites to use on themselves or on their clients. Here, 11 products experts are giving gold stars, from drugstore favorites like Klorane and Batiste to best-sellers like Ouai and Amika.

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